Training At Custer Sportsmen's Club

Safety Classes for IPSC (USPSA), Multi Gun, 3 Gun, Practical Rifle, and Conceal Carry Matches:

‚ÄčInstructor will cover:

     1: Arriving for a match and the procedure while at a safety table

     2: Unbaging your gun

     3: Checking your gun

     4: Range commands

     5: Unsafe actions (DQ)

     6: Load and make ready

     7: Draw and fire

     8: Reloading

    9: Shooting while moving up-range down-range, across-range

   10: Shooting strong hand, weak hand only

   11: IPSC course of fire stage with 30+ rounds

Course Time, and Equipment:

This course takes about 2 hours, classes are arranged privately to suit your schedule

you will need your gun of choice, holster, mag holder, minimum of 2 mags, preferably 3+ 150 rounds,

eye, and ear protection.  You can not shoot any of the action (move and shoot) matches without this class.

For appointment call

Rick Naslund


USPSA (IPSC) 101     $75.00