Safety Classes for IPSC (USPSA), Multi Gun, 3 Gun, Practical Rifle, and Conceal Carry Matches:

‚ÄčInstructor will cover:

     1: Arriving for a match and the procedure while at a safety table

     2: Unbaging your gun

     3: Checking your gun

     4: Range commands

     5: Unsafe actions (DQ)

     6: Load and make ready

     7: Draw and fire

     8: Reloading

    9: Shooting while moving up-range down-range, across-range

   10: Shooting strong hand, weak hand only

   11: IPSC course of fire stage with 30+ rounds

Course Time, and Equipment:

This course takes about 2 hours, classes are arranged privately to suit your schedule

you will need your gun of choice, holster, mag holder, minimum of 2 mags, preferably 3+ 150 rounds,

eye, and ear protection.  You can not shoot any of the action (move and shoot) matches without this class.

For appointment call

Rick Naslund


                                                        Please call to make an appointment


USPSA (IPSC) 101     $95.00

Training At Custer Sportsmen's Club