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Diana Hassebrock


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Dave Palmer


Firearms Instructor

Paul Wagenaar


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Doy Noblitt


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Mike Hassebrock


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Clark Cotner


Chief Firearms Instructor

Rick Naslund


Clark Cotner, My Father was an avid hunter and gun enthusiast, as a result I became very proficient with the use of rifles and shotguns at a very early age.  As an adult I worked with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, where handgun training was paramount. I quickly became skilled with the use of handguns. Survival and tactical training was also a large part of my training with the Game Department. I have been an active Life Member (Benefactor Member) of the NRA since I was in college. I have organized and been the team leader for several NRA events for the Friends of NRA. I became certified to teach several NRA classes. I am certified as an Chief Range Officer and  certified to teach the following NRA classes: Refuse To Be A Victim Certified Range Officer Certified Home Firearm Safety Certified Pistol Personal Protection Inside The Home Personal Protection Outside The Home 
I also teach level two handgun, level  three handgun for personal defense and Conceal Carry As co-owner of Custer Firearms Academy I have the opportunity impart my life long skill at arms with people of all walks of life. I find this most enjoyable.

Raising the Bar


Rick Naslund Chief Firearms Instructor: Rick has 19 years of experience as a civilian and a contract military firearms instructor; he is certified as a NRA Chief Range Safety Officer, NRA Range Safety Officer, NRA Refuse to be a Victim instructor, NRA Basic Pistol instructor, NRA Personal Protection in the Home instructor. He is also certified by the Utah Department of Public Safety Department of Criminal Identification as a Utah Conceal Carry instructor, a USPSA Chief Range Officer, and is classified as a USPSA Master shooter.  Rick has extensive experience in helping women feel more comfortable around firearms, concentrating on safety skill, and knowledge.