I would really like to let folks know about a great firearms instructor.
Kellie and I just took the IPSC 101 course at the Custer Sportsman's Club from Mr. Rick Naslund.
This gentleman, is a superb instructor. He not only possesses the requisite skills and knowledge to put on a comprehensive course, but also has the charisma and ability to deliver it in the most enjoyable and productive way possible.
If you have an ineterest in anything from firearms familiarity 101 to learning about competition and self defense shooting, this gentleman is a great option. You will not leave a class of his feeling like you were short changed.
The club is also situated on 16 acres with multiple disciplines available.
Here is a link to the courses offered and the home page for the club as well.I would really like to let folks know about a great firearms instructor.

                                                                                               Don & Kellie Bartlett

Rick and Clark:

I wish to thank you two for the class, it was very well done. I shoot trap two or three time a week, but my small firearms have been silent for many years, your class has changed that for me.

Thank you

​Bill Dinsmoor

Recently I took advantage of an opportunity to attend the Utah concealed carry permit course put on by certified instructors Rick Naslund and Clark Cotner, principals of Custer Firearms Academy.

The course offers far more than the minimum information necessary to apply for the Utah permit, however. The instructors focus on the cold facts of real world situations in which it may (or may not) be appropriate to use deadly force. They pose a variety of challenging “what-if” scenarios and put you in the command seat – make a life-or-death decision, right now!

Both instructors have the requisite experience and skill sets to craft these scenarios; in addition to their many certifications as firearms instructors, Clark served for decades in law enforcement and Rick logged thousands of hours as a commercial airline pilot, carrying the lives of hundreds in his hands during every flight. They cover the full scope of physical, moral, logistical and legal challenges one faces in life-threatening situations. I found their treatment of this subject on par with that provided by world-recognized authority Masaad Ayoob.
 I’ve been shooting competitively off and on for over 50 years, and have been carrying concealed for many years, but if I thought I knew it all, this course set me straight – I don’t, and neither do you, because none of us can. But forewarned in forearmed, and I’m sure I’ve just added to my awareness and skill sets as a result of spending the good part of one day with Rick and Clark.

​I recommend this course highly. It could help you save lives, including your own.
​ Skip Richards, USPSA Sponsor Member S-1, NROI Level One Range Officer; SASS Member 32959, Level Two Range Officer; Life Member NRA; former board member, Custer Sporstsmens Club

It’s an excellent course in both classroom instruction and performance exam on the firing range from top level certified instructors. My permit is still good for a couple more years. Very highly recommended!  Claire FitzGerald


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